Log Shell Information

Handcrafted Log Home Shell


Built entirely by hand here in Dubois, Wyoming, this is a Post and Beam Log Home kit of approximately 1400 square feet. Constructed with chainsaws and hand tools, very little electricity was used and no heavy machinery. This is a truly “Green” built shell.

Modeled after the style taught by James Mitchell at the Island School of Building Arts (British Columbia, Canada). Designed by Noah Hedges. Drafted and Engineered by Alexander Structures of Conifer, Colorado.

This home has a 28’x36’ footprint, allowing 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a loft. A Large kitchen and Living room occupy the right side of the home, spanned by a catwalk above. Second storey decks are located on both sides of the home. The floor plan of this home is meant for modest, energy-efficient living.

This is a modular approach to building, technically defined as Post and Beam, it’s modern design is derived from French “Piece-sur-Piece” buildings brought to North America around 1800 and used by Hudson’s Bay as trading forts. Wall panels are interchangeable, allowing multiple configurations of a very simple design, strength is gained by vertical posts carrying the weight of the roof instead of the walls. This technique eliminates several problems with conventional log building, foremost being the “shrinking” of wood (logs) and uneven settling of the structure.

We used native lodge pole pine for most of this building, and a few pieces of fir. All logs were hand-peeled with a drawknife, and scribe-fit into wall sections. Log top-plates connect posts together with mortise and tenon joinery. Wall sections fit to posts with marine-grade plywood keys.

This home is being sold as a shell only, that means just log parts (23 posts, 23 wall sections and top-plates). To complete this home, conventional framing of sub-floor foundation, roof and interior walls will be needed.

This structure can be shipped anywhere in the world and re-built by a small crew. Each piece is labeled and identified on a grid plan. Purchase price will include up to 5 days of labor from the stacking crew (Continental United States only).

New Construction Available!